Softwares that I build


I have to my activ 3 educativ games, one client-backend sdk framework and one AR app for a major TV carrier. More to comes...

SNPP Server

In production since 2004, the snpp server receives SNPP connections from the internet and store the incoming messages in a MySQL server (or wherever we want them to be stored). Up time is 99.999% so far :)

SNPP Repeater Gateway

Used on an alternative front-end site where either the ports or the ip's are kept away from the external wan. Receive SNPP messages and forward the message based on rules.

SNPP Messenger for mobile

This one is still in developement; more news later when the project is on the market...:)

Telephony server through Dialogic T1 board

Couple years ago I had a project where a T1 dialogic board was needed to receive incoming calls. I did build a software that handle voice mail and stored numbers over a Dialogic D240/SC-T1 board under linux. System have been in production for 6 years in a row until the client choose to use older hardware to handle the calls.

Other knowledges

Linux MySQL Administration and performance tuning SQL Data modelisation and datawarehouse concepts PL/SQL C Rexx PHP Net.Data Speed Pascal ncurses dialogic SDK and cards (analogic and T1) OS Experience: - windows 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, nt, 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, Vista, 7 - MS-Dos 5.0 @ 6.1 - IBM PC-Dos 7 - Linux RedHat, Centos 4@5.6, Free BSD, debian, Ubuntu 8+ - Mac OSX / IOS