May 8, 2012 - Samsung Galaxy SIIx vs iPhone 4s

It's very common all across the web; lots of people are asking if they shall upgrde to an android device or opt the old classic iPhone. Since I pretty like changes, I've spent last 5 months testing a Samsung Galaxy SIIx Hercules; a dual core 1.5ghz with an awesome AMOLED 4.5 inch screen. On paper, that device is way ahead of the new iPhone 4S in term of hardware specifications. But how does it compare in real life ? Just for the record, I'll mention that my Samsung was tested with Android 2.5.3; the latest breed of the 2.5 class. A couple of months the rumors of a Ice Cream Sandwitch upgrade should be available and at this moment I write this, it's still a promise that's not realized. I have my personal heavy duty tester : my 3 years old son Ludovic. Pro's Extraordinary screen with very strong black and high contrast Very good performance for handling huge image files per ex Smaller app files; Android app seems smaller in package than those on the App Store Open system; anywhere in any apps you can share stuff through bluetooth or else Internal microSD slot; 48GB of storage max is very interesting Unrestrictive apps (adult, speciality or else) Con's Lack of accessories Lack of standard across the Samsung Galaxy models; S2, S2x, S2 titan, name it no cases fits them all so good luck to find accessories Lack of ease-of-use; I've let lots of people use my samsung and all the comments I had was : how do to that ? Users feel blocked or unarmed when the time comes to use the device; make a phone call or even just use the menus Push notifications; when Android lunches, it loads all the installed softwares and then its the responsibility of each software to release their memory or leave some part in memory. This is what I experienced when a morning I start receiving SPAM in notifications window. An app was spreading push notifications and there was nothing native I can deal with that. I had to install couple of softwares to gain back control of that features; I've installed a soft that search for app that uses push notifications and another app that control what shall start or not when the phone is powered ON. Hello simplicity! Lack of store control, store filtering. Related to the above point, since Google is not applying a restrictive content filtering, any app developer can produce whatever he want's on the device. Same for app stability; My tester and I experienced many crashed that you wouldn't seen on iPhone platform.

May 7, 2012 - AVCaptureSession on iOS

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