As I always say to my clients, our single whole limit is our imagination. Don't think out of the box; just understand that there is no box at all. Escaping from routinal concepts to imaginative directions.

"If someone doesn't believe you, use a bigger hammer." So you want TCP/IP on the moon ? Well let's see together HOW we could do that...

Custom solutions / simplifications

Simplicity shall be the main guideline.

If you can read this, it means that you know how to read and this site is still in beta :)


From user inteface to real time production software running in high critical telco environment, I've been in all kind of domains since 1998. Banks, micro business, energy automation, networking, paging and gaming.

"The more I digg and the more I see resources being lost at their own project; systems tends to be more and more complex and no one seems to simplify things; it's in the human nature to complexify systems."


As we spend a huge part of our time working, being away from the ones we loves, the fun factor become a very important element. If theren't fun at all, so why are we there (yet)? Team dynamics and synergy is raised by good humor attitudes.

And when the team is happy, it tighten the relations between their members and thus productivity. No one is a machine and it is foolish to not accord enough importance to the human factor in the whole equation.

"Custom solutions in a custom world. Pushing limits toward simplicity instead of complexity. "